Current Study


  1. Pentatonic Scale (no looking)
  2. Tune Guitar


  1. Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 3 (Pages 18)
  2. Memorize all notes on 5th & 6th strings
  3. Power Chords (C G A F)

Current Songs

  1. I Shot The Sheriff – Bob Marley (Guitar Book)


Uprising - Muse
Ultimate Gutiar Tab Version 9

Tuning D A D G B D

Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
My Girl - Temptations

Hal Leonard Easy Pop Melodies

We Will Rock You - Queen

Hal Leonard Easy Pop Melodies

Hips Don't Lie - Shakira

Recommended Apps


Free Guitar Tuning App

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Free Metronome App


Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar

Tab & Chord Chart App ($2.99) Website (Free)

IOS | Android | Website

Guitar Buying Guide

Guitar Basic Info Types of Guitars: The most common types of guitars are classical guitars, steel-string acoustic guitars, and electric guitars. By the name alone one can assume classical guitars are used in ‘classical music’, though they are also heard in many other...

Stop Practicing So Long!

Practice Duration & Frequency Many of my new students (and parents) ask me how long and how often they should practice.  After being asked this so many times I’ve learned to stop giving out a time frame or even a number of days per week that they should practice music...

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