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Faber Adult Piano All-In-One  – Rhythm Exercises



Everybody Wants to Rule The World

If I aint got you (+5)




Record Original Song “Crocodile Tears”




1) Play All Scales


YAWNING – C, C#, D (5note scale) chest to head

1) Lips Buzz, Mum’s, Fry

2) Red Leather Yellow Leather








 OLD Songs

PYT (Pretty Young Thing) – Michael Jackson

Ocean Eyes (+5 and Original Key)



PYT (Pretty Young Thing) - Michael Jackson

Chord Chart


Album Version




The Voice Cover (duet)


Random Cover

Maria - West Side Story
Sheet Music  |  Karaoke

Rent or Buy Movie:

YoutubeApple  | Amazon

Gravity - John Mayer
Rockaway - Summer Salt
Figure out chord order Eb Bb Ab

Corner Of The Sky (from Pippin')
In My Blood - Shawn Mendes
idontwannabeyouanymore - Billie Eilish
Youth - Troye Sivan
Ultimate Guitar Chord Version 2

hits on Piano, pre chorus learn tinkle part, don’t play non-existent chords on chorus, learn vocal interlude line, play dog with earbuds

Breath support, sit-up

Wouldn't It Be Nice - The Beach Boys
Mercy - Shawn Mendes
Ultimate Guitar Chord Version 1

[Head back, Chin down, Open Mouth]

Love Me Now - John Legend
Ultimate Guitar Chord Version 2

[Head back, Chin down, Open Mouth]

Learn whole song (transpose -3 but do normal)

Attention - Charlie Puth

Blue Moon (Rufus Wainright Verson)

My Funny Valentine (Ella – not same key)


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