Pentatonic Scale & 4 Finger Exercise

(No Looking @ Hands)


Pick: Down – UP | Play w/ Metronome (metrotimer app)

Lesson Book

Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1

Greensleeves and 6th string (#55-56, 76, 79-81)  <—COUNT

Power Chords

BC & EF do not have fret between

Current Song(s)

Thunder – Imagine Dragon

Ultimate Guitar Chord Version 1

Bridge Chords: Em Am Dm G (2x)

Oh Hanukkah


Sheet Music

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

Ultimate Guitar Chord Version 1

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Ultimate Guitar Chord Version 11

Past Songs

Believer – Imagine Dragons

Ultimate Guitar Chord Version 2

Focus: Look Up, Sing & Play

Guitar Buying Guide

Guitar Basic Info Types of Guitars: The most common types of guitars are classical guitars, steel-string acoustic guitars, and electric guitars. By the name alone one can assume classical guitars are used in ‘classical music’, though they are also heard in many other...

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Free Guitar Tuning App

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Free Metronome App


Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar

Tab & Chord Chart App ($2.99) Website (Free)

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Current Game (not mobile friendly)

Guitar Game

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