San Diego Piano Lessons

Piano is one the best instruments to begin learning music on!  It is laid out in such a way that eases the learning of notes, chords, music theory, and even complex arrangements from big band jazz pieces to orchestras and symphonies.

Pitch teaches a plethora of different levels of students.  He is able to teach the first time players, the singers needing to accompany themselves, and the creatives diving into the world of arranging, composing, and recording.

For those who are completely new to piano and looking for some online help .  I have put together a section dedicated piano resources, filled with buying guides, lessons, etc. to aide you on your journey.  After looking over the page if you still have questions feel free to email me and I will be glad to help you.

Pitch also offers San Diego Voice Lessons, San Diego Guitar Lessons.


San Diego Music Lessons

Pitch first learned to play piano by color at age 3!  Don’t assume you are too young or too old, never be discouraged from learning music. Contact Pitch to set up a first session.  If for some reason you and Pitch are not a good fit, Pitch will gladly refer you to a list of top notch instructors he knows from all over San Diego and, for that matter, all over the country.

Lesson scheduling and length can be arranged on a student-by-student basis and cost depends on location.  

To set up a first music lesson and for more information, please email

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