The Teacher

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sing or play piano or even wondered how to learn guitar?  Pitch Michael gives Music Lessons for all these instruments and more!  With his 5+ years experience teaching and a degree from Berklee College of Music he is able to give some of the best voice, piano, and guitar lessons Poway and San Diego have to offer!  He can teach at his studio, at your home,or you can learn to play piano online (as well as guitar and voice) through and through many of the free music resources on Pitch Michael’s website.


The Performer

Pitch not only gives some of the best singing, piano, and guitar lessons Poway and San Diego have around but he is also a talented San Diego singer and performer!  Pitch Michael’s repertoire spans the top charts from the days of Frank Sinatra to todays hit songs from artist like Ed Sheeran and everything in between!  Pitch Michael can easily take song requests if your song isn’t in his normal repertoire.  Pitch can be booked as a solo act, as a full band, or even as an acoustic ensemble/duet!  Are looking for a live music performer for you next San Diego event, party or wedding? If so, then Pitch is the perfect San Diego singer & instrumentalist for you and he can even double as a professional DJ!

The Creator

So we know Pitch is an awesome San Diego Singer that could be a great addition to your next San Diego event playing top hits from every era or he can even give some of the greatest singing, piano or guitar lessons Poway has but does he create anything original? Yes, Pitch has multiple albums to his names, has worked on numerous projects from webtv series’ to award winning films, from his fun youtube channels to writing jingles for the #1 morning radio talk show in San Diego!

Pitch is part of an amazing team that created the app, Pitch Piano!  Our goal with Pitch Piano is to enable anyone, regardless of exeperience level, to begin play their favorite songs on piano in minutes! No need to learn sheet music! No need to deal with rewinding video tutorials!  It’s free to download and use but also has a premium version available to unlock all licensed song.  The app is currently available in the Apple app store. Wait are you waiting for?   Download -> Rate/Review -> Share with World!   

We are striving to make Pitch Piano the best it can be so please please send any feedback or questions to 


Upcoming Shows

Buying Guides & Resources


Guitar lessons, buying guides and other online resources for all things guitar!


Singing/Voice lessons, buying guides and other online resources for all singers!


Piano lessons, buying guides and other online resources for all things piano!

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San Diego Guitar Repair

Don Veda of SD Guitar Repair


Full setup on instrument  – $40
(Includes all the following)
  • Intonation
  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Fret polish
  • Fret polish
  • Guitar Cleaning
  • Bridge Action
  • Pickup height adjusment
  • Restring (you provide strings of choice)

Other Services Offered  
(contact for pricing)

  • Pickup Installation
  • Tuner Replacement/Repair
  • Instrument Cleaning & Restrings
  • Fretdress/Refrets
  • Nut & Saddle Work
  • Electronic Repair
  • Installing after market hardware.
  • Repainting/Touch ups

Recommended San Diego Guitar Tech

It’s great to officially have a guitar tech that I can recommend to all my San Diego students and local guitarists.  He is more than just a guitar tech as he is a professional touring guitarist and knows what we as musicians are wanting and needing.  As I am endorsing him please let me know how your experience is at SD Guitar Repair and if, in the unlikely case, there are any negative experiences I will personally help in remedying your situation.

About SD Guitar Repair
San Diego Guitar Repair is owned and operated by Don Vedda, a professional touring guitarist as well as instrument luthier and guitar/bass setup professional. Don works on guitars and basses both electric and acoustic at his workshop in Escondido, California and offers the most affordable rates in San Diego with the fastest turnaround time in town.
For those looking for a professional setup or repair for their guitar or bass guitar, Pitch recommends Don Vedda, owner of SD Guitar Repair. 

Offering Free Consultations!

-Let him know Pitch sent you-

(760) 822-7443



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