San Diego Voice Lessons

Pitch teaches voice for many reason and for different levels of students.  He believes singing shouldn’t hurt yourself… or others!  Too many singers have come to Pitch because they have blown out their voices from singing improperly.  First and foremost singing shouldn’t be painful, you can still get the vocal style and sound you are looking for without hurting yourself.  On the other spectrum, too many people refrain from trying to sing because they have been told and/or have improperly labeled themselves as ‘tone deaf’.  Pitch has taught countless people how to sing who believed they were tone deaf and given them a new sense of confidence and ability to have fun with their voice.  Pitch teaches to help these groups of people and others to sing correctly and while doing so enabling them to sing songs from a vast array of artists and productions such as Adele, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, Bruno Mars, Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Taylor Swift, Freddy Mercury (Queen), etc.

Pitch also offers San Diego Piano Lessons, San Diego Guitar Lessons.

San Diego Music Lessons

Pitch started singing on stage before he started preschool!  Don’t assume you are too young or too old, never be discouraged from learning music. Contact Pitch to set up a first session.  If for some reason you and Pitch are not a good fit, Pitch will gladly refer you to a list of top notch instructors he knows from all over San Diego and, for that matter, all over the country.

Lesson scheduling and length can be arranged on a student-by-student basis and cost depends on location.  

To set up a first music lesson and for more information, please email

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