Vocal Tip: Mastering Vocal Runs

mastering vocal runs Hey there, vocal superstar! Or, at least, soon-to-be vocal superstar! Ever listened to those fancy singers nailing those quick sequences of notes and thought, “Hey, I want to sound that cool!”? Well, darling, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive deep into the magical world of mastering vocal runs!  And no, I’m not talking about sprinting with your vocal cords. 😆

Before Mastering… What On Earth Is a Vocal Run? 

Let’s get one thing straight. A vocal run isn’t that thing you do when you’re late to choir practice. Nope. A vocal run is a sequence of defined notes sung in a quick succession. Now here’s the fun part: It’s not a slide! Imagine slipping on a banana peel versus taking deliberate, exaggerated cartoon steps to avoid said peel. Which one sounds cooler?

“Slide No More!”: How to Nail Vocal Runs

  1. Slow and Steady: Start by slowing down that run. Sing each note sharply on an “ah”. Think of it like learning to dance. First, you catch the beat slowly, then you shake your groove thang.
  2. Bah-Dah Method: “Sliding all over the place?” “Well, aren’t you the adventurous type?” Try singing each note as a “Bah” or “Dah”. Once you’re less slippery, swap back to your vowel sound.
  3. Pick Up the Pace: Once you’re cozy with your run, speed it up! Remember, only go as fast as you can without turning it into a slide. “Slides are for playgrounds, not runs!”

Cool Tools to Help You Out 

Wanna slow down that YouTube video to catch that intricate run or even change its key? Check out the transpose chrome extension. It’s a game-changer. Truly, it’s the avocado toast of vocal tools. Remember… Perfecting vocal runs is like learning to make the perfect pancake. The first one might be a bit weird, but with patience, you’ll be flipping them like a pro!

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