When I’ve Got You

A Symphony of Talent Unveiled by Candice Kelly and Dimash Qudaibergen

Hello, world! Today, I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve, bursting with pride and excitement. Why, you ask? Because my incredibly talented girlfriend, Candice Kelly, has recently achieved a phenomenal milestone that deserves every bit of recognition. Candice, along with the musical genius Dimash Qudaibergen and the skilled Dmytro Gordon from “Only Saints,” has created a masterpiece song titled “When I’ve Got You.” This blog post is a tribute, a celebration, and a behind-the-scenes peek into this beautiful collaboration.

A Glimpse into Dimash Qudaibergen

Before we dive into the song’s details, let me introduce you to Dimash Qudaibergen, a name that resonates with unmatched vocal prowess across the globe. Born in Kazakhstan, Dimash is not just a singer; he’s an extraordinary multi-instrumentalist known for his wide vocal range, capable of performing songs in thirteen languages. His journey from winning the Slavianski Bazaar to becoming a sensation on Hunan TV’s Singer 2017 in China is nothing short of inspirational​​.

The Creation of “When I’ve Got You”

The song “When I’ve Got You,” beautifully penned by Candice Kelly and co-produced with Dmytro Gordon alongside Dimash, is a testament to love, resilience, and the magical power of music. Dimash’s unparalleled vocal abilities, combined with Candice’s emotive lyrics and Dmytro’s production finesse, have resulted in a soul-stirring track that’s bound to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners worldwide. The song is part of Dimash’s recent releases, showcasing his versatility as a composer and his ability to collaborate across cultures and musical genres​​.

A Shoutout to Dymtro Gordon

It’s impossible to talk about this song without giving a huge shoutout to Dmytro Gordon. His role in co-producing the song with Dimash has been pivotal. As a bandmate of Candice in “Only Saints,” his creative synergy with Candice has once again proven to be a force to reckon with.

Links to Spotify and YouTube Music Video

For those eager to immerse themselves in the melody and lyrics of “When I’ve Got You,” below are the links to Spotify and the YouTube music video.

A Sneak Peek into the Lyrics

The lyrics of “When I’ve Got You,” crafted by Candice, explore themes of love, freedom, and the transformative power of having that special someone in your life. While I won’t delve into the full lyrics here (head over here for the complete experience), I’ll say this – every word resonates with the authenticity and depth of feeling that only true love can inspire.

In Conclusion

As I wrap up this post, my heart is full of pride for Candice’s remarkable achievement. Collaborating with a world-renowned artist like Dimash Qudaibergen and the talented Dmytro Gordon to bring “When I’ve Got You” to life is a dream come true. This song is not just a musical track; it’s a celebration of love, talent, and the beautiful journey of creating art that touches souls.

@pitchmichael #duet with @Dimash Qudaibergen shout out to my gf @CandidCandiCane ♬ оригинальный звук – Dimash Qudaibergen

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