Building an Iso Room for Pitch Michael Music Studio: A DIY Journey

When I decided to set up my first storefront lesson studio, I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. Nestled in a more compact space and being mindful of the surrounding neighbors, it became evident that creating an iso room for Pitch Michael Music Studio was essential. For those unfamiliar, an iso (isolation) room is designed to prevent the transfer of sound. Perfect for lessons and recording without disturbances!

Now, here’s the twist: I’m no handyman. The thought of building something, especially something as intricate as an iso room, was daunting. But with determination and a can-do attitude, I embarked on this DIY journey. With each nail hammered and every soundproof panel installed, my confidence grew. The end result? A room I built mostly by myself, which became a testament to what one can achieve with a bit of grit and perseverance.

The iso room at Pitch Michael Music Studio isn’t just any room. It’s where the magic happens. From voice to guitar and piano lessons, to trumpet and trombone sessions with Carl, our expert instructor, this space has seen it all. And not just for teaching – it’s also a recording haven. I’ve had the privilege to record not just myself but talented artists from LA and many of our budding students.

But it’s not all work and no play. Right outside the iso room, there’s a TV and a comfy couch. It’s a spot for kids to chill out, play some Nintendo while waiting for their lessons. Sometimes, you might even catch me indulging in a game or two!

In conclusion, the iso room at Pitch Michael Music Studio stands as a symbol of innovation and adaptability. Whether you’re here for lessons, recording, or just a round of Nintendo, know that a lot of love and effort went into creating this special space. If you’re ever in need of a lesson or recording studio, look no further. Our doors (and iso room) are always open

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