San Elijo Music Lesson & Recording Studio

Pitch Michael has opened a storefront music lesson and recording studio in San Elijo! The studio is a long time coming and is trying to fill the need in San Elijo for music lessons. In today’s world a music lesson and recording studio is the perfect pairing!


Why Open a Music Studio in San Elijo/San Marcos?

There was a need in the San Elijo and San Marcos community and Pitch was ready! Pitch Michael has been teaching music for well over a decade! He started teaching by offering home music lessons. Soon after he began renting space at local music studios, like Nick Rail Music and La Jolla Music. Once 2020 hit, Pitch moved most lessons online and taught out of his own home while moving to San Elijo/San Marcos area. New to San Elijo/San Marcos area, he found a need that wasn’t filled. So, he decided to open a storefront music lesson and recording studio to serve the community. 3 schools in the area and not one storefront music studio; San Elijo Middle, San Elijo Elementary, and Double Peak School!

Music Lessons & Recording Studio?

Yes! Pitch has a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production. He doesn’t do recitals with students, but instead nurtures the creative and performer! Building in a recording studio gives his students an outlet to be creative! With music lessons we teach the student about the instrument and how to play. With the recording studio we teach them how to perform and create! In today’s tech world a music lesson and recording studio is the perfect pairing! Also, having a dedicated music lesson studio allows Pitch to bring on more teachers and serve more students.

How Do I Book a Music Lesson?

You can book a 1st FREE intro lesson by registering online HERE and then booking an available slot. You can also call or text Pitch Michael and team at 760-822-2484. Let’s start your musical journey today!
Pitch Michael Music Lesson & Recording Studio
1257 San Elijo Rd S
San Marcos, CA 92078