Breaking thru the blank DAW!
(How I begin most of my recording sessions)

Staring at a blank DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) can feel like waiting for water to boil. And not just any water, but that extra slow one your grandma uses when she’s feeling a bit nostalgic. So, how do I start my recording session without falling asleep at my desk? Let’s dive in!

“The Blank Canvas Dilemma” the blank daw recording session

Imagine you’re a painter, gazing at an intimidating blank canvas, waiting for it to tell you what to paint. Well, it won’t. Trust me, I’ve tried staring contests with my DAW, and it always wins. It’s the same for musicians. We’ve got the tools (like Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton, to name a few), but “how to start my recording session” is the million-dollar question.

Start your session Laying the Foundation 

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: I usually kick off by laying a basic midi piano chord part. Think of it as sketching your painting before committing to the colors. It’s not just random tinkering, but a structured layout of my song.

Fun Fact: Midi instruments are like the Swiss Army knife in the music world. Flexible, adaptable, and they won’t judge you if you change your mind a gazillion times!

The Vocal Magic

Once I’ve set the mood with my piano chords, I unleash the power of vocals! It’s like choosing the right shades for our painting. And after my vocals do their thing, I give the midi instruments a break. Bye-bye, midi piano! Hello, real chordal instruments!

Why Flexibility Matters in your Recording Session 

Starting with a midi instrument provides oodles of flexibility. Want to change a chord? Transpose a section? All done without the drama of re-recording.

Sarcastic Humor Alert: Imagine midi as that flexible friend who’s always up for pizza, even after a big meal. Or is that just me?

In the early stages of songwriting and recording, flexibility is your best buddy. It makes the process smoother, faster, and way less hair-pulling.

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