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Pitch loves teaching guitar because it is the most versatile and portable instrument out there, which gives us insight as to why it has become the most popular instrument to play in the whole world! From learning how to play guitar to accompany yourself all the way to become a rock star guitarist, Pitch can help you achieve your guitar playing goals.

For those who are completely new to guitar and looking for some online help . I have put together a section dedicated guitar resources, filled with buying guides, lessons, etc. to aide you on your journey.  After looking over the page if you still have questions feel free to email me and I will be glad to help you.

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Pitch has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old.  Don’t assume you are too young or too old, never be discouraged from learning music. Contact Pitch to set up a first session.  If for some reason you and Pitch are not a good fit, Pitch will gladly refer you to a list of top notch instructors he knows from all over San Diego and, for that matter, all over the country.

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Unveiling ‘Smoke’: A New Musical Triumph from Dimash, Candice Kelly, and Dmytro Gordon

Unveiling ‘Smoke’

A New Musical Triumph from Dimash, Candice Kelly, and Dmytro Gordon

Dimash Smoke

Dimash Smoke Newest Performance Video! 

Introduction: Igniting the Musical Landscape

Exciting news for all music enthusiasts! My girlfriend, the extraordinarily talented Candice Kelly, has once again collaborated with the phenomenal Dimash on Dimash’s new song “Smoke.” This time, they’re also joined by the gifted Dmytro Gordon, who not only co-produced but also had a hand in the lyric writing. The result? A fiery, edgy track that’s set to blaze through the charts!


See Lyrics Here

The Genesis of ‘Smoke’

When it came to creating “Smoke,” the title itself was the spark. Dimash was searching for something that could encapsulate an edgy vibe, and with Candice’s creative prowess in lyric writing, coupled with Dmytro’s fresh insights, they crafted a song that’s as intoxicating as it is powerful. The line “Can’t stop the heat in my veins, Bad blood is my DNA” perfectly kicks off this anthem of rebellion and strength.

A Collaborative Inferno

Working on Dimash’s new song “Smoke” was a dynamic process where creative minds fused to produce something extraordinary. Candice, known for her ability to delve deep into an artist’s vision, and Dmytro, bringing his unique perspective to the lyrics, created a perfect backdrop for Dimash’s intense vocal delivery. The synergy between these three artists is palpable in every line and melody of the song.

Lyric Highlights in ‘Smoke’

“Smoke” is not just any song; it embodies a bold, unapologetic spirit. Lines like “Don’t play with the fire, Ready for the smoke,” and “I’m riding out here in these dark streets, Robbing you of all your sanity,” showcase the fierce and confrontational tone of the lyrics. Candice and Dmytro have woven a narrative that dares the listener to embrace their own inner fire.

The Impact of ‘Smoke’

“Smoke” by Dimash, written with Candice Kelly and Dmytro, is more than just a musical release; it’s a fierce declaration of independence and power. This track is set to not only resonate with fans but also to cement Dimash’s status as an artist who isn’t afraid to push boundaries, with Candice and Dmytro as integral to this creative journey.

Final Thoughts: The Blaze Continues

As we anticipate “Smoke” ascending the music charts, I am continuously amazed by Candice’s lyrical genius and her collaborative spirit. It’s a privilege to support her as both a partner and a fan. “Smoke” isn’t just a song; it’s a movement—a call to all to stand up and shine brightly, no matter the odds.

Prepare to let “Smoke” envelop you. Experience the track, feel the heat, and see why Dimash, Candice, and Dmytro are a musical powerhouse trio!

Explore More

Let “Smoke” be your anthem for the bold and the brave. Watch as it sets the music world afire!

“When I’ve Got You” by Candice Kelly and Dimash Qudaibergen

When I’ve Got You

A Symphony of Talent Unveiled by Candice Kelly and Dimash Qudaibergen

Hello, world! Today, I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve, bursting with pride and excitement. Why, you ask? Because my incredibly talented girlfriend, Candice Kelly, has recently achieved a phenomenal milestone that deserves every bit of recognition. Candice, along with the musical genius Dimash Qudaibergen and the skilled Dmytro Gordon from “Only Saints,” has created a masterpiece song titled “When I’ve Got You.” This blog post is a tribute, a celebration, and a behind-the-scenes peek into this beautiful collaboration.

A Glimpse into Dimash Qudaibergen

Before we dive into the song’s details, let me introduce you to Dimash Qudaibergen, a name that resonates with unmatched vocal prowess across the globe. Born in Kazakhstan, Dimash is not just a singer; he’s an extraordinary multi-instrumentalist known for his wide vocal range, capable of performing songs in thirteen languages. His journey from winning the Slavianski Bazaar to becoming a sensation on Hunan TV’s Singer 2017 in China is nothing short of inspirational​​.

The Creation of “When I’ve Got You”

The song “When I’ve Got You,” beautifully penned by Candice Kelly and co-produced with Dmytro Gordon alongside Dimash, is a testament to love, resilience, and the magical power of music. Dimash’s unparalleled vocal abilities, combined with Candice’s emotive lyrics and Dmytro’s production finesse, have resulted in a soul-stirring track that’s bound to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners worldwide. The song is part of Dimash’s recent releases, showcasing his versatility as a composer and his ability to collaborate across cultures and musical genres​​.

A Shoutout to Dymtro Gordon

It’s impossible to talk about this song without giving a huge shoutout to Dmytro Gordon. His role in co-producing the song with Dimash has been pivotal. As a bandmate of Candice in “Only Saints,” his creative synergy with Candice has once again proven to be a force to reckon with.

Links to Spotify and YouTube Music Video

For those eager to immerse themselves in the melody and lyrics of “When I’ve Got You,” below are the links to Spotify and the YouTube music video.

A Sneak Peek into the Lyrics

The lyrics of “When I’ve Got You,” crafted by Candice, explore themes of love, freedom, and the transformative power of having that special someone in your life. While I won’t delve into the full lyrics here (head over here for the complete experience), I’ll say this – every word resonates with the authenticity and depth of feeling that only true love can inspire.

In Conclusion

As I wrap up this post, my heart is full of pride for Candice’s remarkable achievement. Collaborating with a world-renowned artist like Dimash Qudaibergen and the talented Dmytro Gordon to bring “When I’ve Got You” to life is a dream come true. This song is not just a musical track; it’s a celebration of love, talent, and the beautiful journey of creating art that touches souls.

@pitchmichael #duet with @Dimash Qudaibergen shout out to my gf @CandidCandiCane ♬ оригинальный звук – Dimash Qudaibergen

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Your Easy Guide to Playing ‘Amazing Grace’ on Piano and Guitar

Strum and Tinkle the Keys with Grace:

Your Easy Guide to Playing ‘Amazing Grace’ on Piano and Guitar


Hello, musical adventurers! Today, we’re diving into a world where melodies soothe souls, and chords create connections. Yes, we’re talking about the timeless hymn, “Amazing Grace.” But fear not, dear beginners! We’ve simplified things by focusing on four magical chords in the key of G – G major, C major, D major, and E minor. So, grab your guitar or cozy up to your piano, because we’re about to embark on a musical journey that even the most novice of players can enjoy.

The Simplicity of “Amazing Grace”:

“Amazing Grace” is more than just a hymn; it’s a melody that carries the weight of history, emotion, and tranquility. And guess what? You’re about to play it! We’ve removed the complexity and distilled the song down to its essence with just four chords. Whether you’re strumming on your guitar or striking keys on the piano, this version is designed to uplift your spirits without tangling your fingers.

Piano Players, Step Right Up!

For our ivory enthusiasts, we present a chord chart that speaks the universal language of simplicity. G major, C major, D major, and E minor are your keys to unlocking “Amazing Grace.” We’ve even included finger positioning to guide you through each transition smoothly. Picture yourself, fingers dancing across the keys, each note a step closer to harmony.

Amazing Grace Hymn (Piano)

Guitar Heroes, Tune In:

Fear not, six-string warriors! Your path to playing “Amazing Grace” is clear and straightforward. With our guitar chord chart, even those who’ve just picked up the guitar can join in the melody. The chords G major, C major, D major, and E minor will be your companions as you strum your way through this hymn. And yes, we’ve made sure beginners will find the fingerings as friendly as a smile.

Amazing Grace Hymn (Guitar)

A Musical Bridge:

As you practice, remember, music is a journey, not a destination. “Amazing Grace” is your starting point, but where you go from here is entirely up to you. Embrace each chord, each note, as a step on your musical path. And don’t worry about hitting a wrong note now and then – it’s all part of the adventure.


There you have it, friends – your very own guide to playing “Amazing Grace” on piano and guitar. With just four chords, you’re not just playing a hymn; you’re carrying forward a legacy. So, take a deep breath, place your fingers on the starting chords, and let the music flow.

Remember, the joy of music is in playing, not in perfection. Keep practicing, keep playing, and most importantly, keep enjoying every note.

Ready to explore more musical journeys? Check out our other blogs to learn, to laugh, to enjoy 🙂. And if you’re itching to dive deeper into your musical education, why not sign up for music lessons? Or perhaps, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more musical inspiration. Let’s keep the music playing!



Learn Guitar in 10 Seconds: A Quick Reality Check!

Learn Guitar in 10 Seconds: A Quick Reality Check!

Hey there, future guitar heroes! Are you ready to learn guitar in 10 seconds flat? Yes, you read that right – just 10 seconds! Now, grab your guitar, and let’s get started! Oh, and maybe bring along a hefty dose of reality, because, come on now, we’re about to have some fun with this!

Learn Guitar in 10 SecondsThe Allure of Instant Gratification

In today’s fast-paced world, we want everything instantly – even learning guitar. That’s why I made a cheeky YouTube short titled “Learn Guitar in 10 Seconds”. It’s a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek take on our impatience and desire for quick results. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out on a good laugh! (Insert link to the YouTube short here).

The Reality of Learning Guitar

Now, let’s face it, learning guitar is more like a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a journey of countless hours of practice, sore fingers, and maybe even a few frustrated groans. But, that’s what makes the journey so rewarding! Think of it as baking a cake from scratch versus microwaving a store-bought one. The homemade one always tastes better, right?

Tips for Beginners

For all you aspiring guitarists, here are some real tips: Start with the basics, like learning chords and scales. Practice regularly, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, every guitarist, even the greats, started right where you are! And most importantly, have fun with it. If you’re not enjoying the journey, what’s the point?

The Journey is the Reward

As you embark on this musical adventure, remember that the joy comes from learning and growing. Each chord you master, every song you play a little better than last time, it’s all part of the magic. Did you know that playing guitar can actually make you happier? It’s true! The act of creating music releases dopamine, the feel-good hormone. So, technically, playing guitar is making you happier!


So, there you have it, folks – the real deal on learning guitar. It might not be a 10-second journey, but it’s a journey worth taking. Keep strumming, keep smiling, and before you know it, you’ll be playing tunes that make your heart sing.


And hey, if you’re looking for more laughs, tips, or music lessons, check out these links:

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Things Singers Never Say

Vocal Tip: Things Singers Never Say

Hey there, young crooners and future stars! Are you ready to dive into the hilarious world of “Things Singers Never Say”? Buckle up, because we’re about to explore the zany side of vocalists that’ll make you laugh harder than when you try to hit those high notes in the shower.

The Unheard Wishes of a Singer

First things first, let’s talk about the things you’ll never hear from the lips of a singer in a recording studio. “Can you turn me down a bit?” said no singer ever. In the magical land of the recording studio, vocalists are more likely to spot a unicorn than ask for their volume to be lowered. It’s like asking a fish if it needs a bicycle – utterly bonkers!

Reverb? I Barely Know Her!

Now, let’s chat about reverb. It’s the fairy dust that makes every vocalist sound like they’re singing from the top of Mount Everest. But have you ever heard a singer say, “Less reverb, please. I want that dry, just-woke-up-and-sang-into-a-cardboard-box sound.” Me neither. It’s as likely as your grandma challenging you to a breakdance battle.

Hydration? Overrated!

We all know singers cling to their water bottles like a koala to a eucalyptus tree. But imagine a singer declaring, “Take away all my water; I’m drowning in hydration here! Throw me a coffee and a jalapeño instead!” That’s as ridiculous as a cat barking at the mailman – pure nonsense!

The Solo Act Dilemma

And here’s the best one. A singer in the spotlight might as well be a king or queen, commanding the stage with the confidence of a lion. But the day you hear a singer say, “It’s not all about me, cut my part out; no one wants to hear that!” is the day pigs will fly, do a loop-de-loop, and land gracefully on a tiny stool.

Conclusion: Sarcasm Meets Education

While we’ve had our fun poking at the sillier side of singing, there’s a nugget of truth in all this tomfoolery. As a professional singer and music educator, I can tell you that these funny sayings actually teach us a lot about what singers do need: confidence, the right amount of reverb, proper hydration, and, yes, sometimes a little less of ourselves.

Interested in more musical musings or looking to expand your vocal prowess? Check out the links below for lessons, laughs, and a whole lot of learning:

How To Get Motivated: The Kick-in-the-Pants Guide for Musicians

How to get motivated (Motivation is overrated)Motivation Is Overrated: The Kick-in-the-Pants Guide for Musicians

Introduction to getting Motivated

Hey, young virtuosos and shower singers alike! You’ve stumbled upon the secret sauce of “How to get motivated,” but let’s be real — motivation is as reliable as that one band member who always says they’re “five minutes away.” Spoiler alert: They’re not. They’re at home staring at their unmoved guitar, just like you!

The Myth Called Motivation

Now, before we dive in, let me tell you, searching for motivation to practice your music is like trying to catch that super speedy squirrel in your backyard – it’s a wild goose chase. “How to get motivated” is probably what got you here, but we’re about to flip the script.

Just Do It – No, Really

“When you aren’t motivated to do anything but then you realize motivation is fleeting… so you get up and get it done!”

This gem of wisdom isn’t from ancient philosophers but from a modern-day YouTube short. Picture this: Someone slumped over their guitar like a limp noodle, looking as if they’re about to faceplant into a pile of sheet music. But then, a wild thought appears – motivation is flakier than my grandmother’s pie crust. The only solution? Get up and strum that guitar like it owes you money!

Practice Makes Perfect (And Occasionally Bored)

Let’s be honest, practicing scales can feel like watching paint dry. However, those scales are your secret weapon to becoming the next music sensation that even the squirrels will want to jam to. Transitioning from the “meh” to the “yeah!” requires a simple action – starting.

Small Steps, Big Leaps:

Remember, every concert starts with a single note. Break down your practice sessions into micro-goals. It’s like leveling up in a video game, but instead of fighting dragons, you’re slaying riffs!

The Laughter Routine:

Incorporate some fun into your routine. Play your scales in the style of a dramatic opera or a spooky movie soundtrack. Before you know it, you’re not just practicing – you’re producing Grammy-worthy Snapchat content.


So, let’s get to the point. Drop the search for the mystical motivation. Embrace the glorious grind. Join the elite club of musicians who know that “How to get motivated” is just a fancy way of saying “Just do it already!”


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Sing with Fun: The Best Vocal Warmup for Kids

best vocal warmup for kids mama made me mash my mnmsSing with Fun: The Best Vocal Warmup for Kids with

‘Mama Made Me Mash My M&Ms

Hey there, little singers and future superstars! Are you ready to learn the coolest and most fun and best vocal warmup for kids ever? It’s called “Mama Made Me Mash My M&Ms,” and it’s not just super fun to say, but it’s also amazing for your voice. Let’s dive into the world of singing, laughter, and mashing those M&Ms!

What’s This Awesome Kids Vocal Warmup All About? 

You might be wondering, “What’s so special about mashing M&Ms?” Well, it’s not just about the candy (though we all love M&Ms, right?). This vocal exercise is a simple five-note scale that goes up and down. You sing “Mama made me mash my M&Ms, Oh no!” Can you try saying it fast? It’s a tongue-twister and a vocal workout all in one!

Why ‘Mama Made Me Mash My M&Ms’ Rocks for Young Voices
  1. Back Pressure is Best: The phrase is full of ‘M’s and ‘N’s, which create a little back pressure in your mouth. This is like a mini-massage for your vocal cords, keeping them relaxed and happy. Happy vocal cords mean better singing!
  2. Perfect Pitch Practice: Whether you’re a girl or a boy, this exercise works wonders. We’ve got a special version for girls in the range of C4-F5 and for boys from G2-C4. And guess what? You can practice with audio files that I’ll include in the blog. Sing along and find your perfect pitch!

A Little History of Our M&M Phrase

Did you know that “Mama Made Me Mash My M&Ms” is not just a random bunch of words? It’s designed to be a mnemonic, which is a fancy word for something that helps you remember. Each ‘M’ and ‘N’ in the phrase helps train your voice to be stronger and more flexible. Cool, right?

Fun Facts for Kids:
  • Did You Know? The ‘M’ sound in “Mama” and “M&Ms” is called a bilabial nasal, which means you use both lips to make the sound. It’s like giving your lips a little workout!
  • M&Ms and Music: M&Ms have been around since 1941, and music has been around, well, forever! Imagine all the singers who might have munched on M&Ms while practicing their scales.
  • Sing and Laugh: Singing “Mama Made Me Mash My M&Ms” can make you laugh, and laughing is great for your health. It’s a win-win!

So, little singers, are you ready to mash some M&Ms with your voice? Remember, singing is about having fun and feeling good. So, let’s make some music and smiles!

Time to Practice the Best Vocal Warmup for Kids!

Now that you know all about this fantastic vocal warmup, it’s time to practice. Check out the audio files below, one for girls and one for boys, and sing your heart out. Remember, practice makes perfect, and perfect practice makes a superstar!

Audio File for Boys (G2-C4) w/ Pitch Michael

Audio File for Girls (C4-F5) w/ Candice Kelly


And don’t forget, singing is not just about hitting the right notes, it’s about enjoying the music and expressing yourself. So, have a blast with “Mama Made Me Mash My M&Ms,” and keep singing!

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Mastering Guitar Barre Chords: A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Like a Pro

Mastering Guitar Barre Chords

Mastering Guitar Barre ChordsA Beginner’s Guide to Playing Like a Pro

Welcome to the world of guitar, where the journey from strumming basic chords to mastering guitar barre chords can be both thrilling and challenging. If you’ve been curious about how to tackle these versatile chords, you’re in the right place! In this guide, we’ll explore the E type and A type barre chords, essential tools in your guitar toolkit. Get ready to strum your way to musical mastery!

The Low E String – Your Roadmap to E Type Barre Chords:

First things first, let’s start with the low E string (the 6th string). This string is your roadmap to understanding E type barre chords. Remember, each fret on the guitar represents a half step. As you move up the neck, each fret increases the pitch by a half step.


Fun fact: The musical alphabet is quirky! Not all notes have a sharp or flat between them. There’s no sharp or flat between E and F, and B and C. This exception is crucial for finding your way around the fretboard.

Once you’ve got the hang of naming the notes on the low E string, you’re ready to form your E type barre chords. Place your index finger across all six strings, and use the other fingers to form the E major or E minor shape. The note under your index finger on the low E string gives the chord its name and is highlighted in red in the diagram below to help remind you. How cool is that?


The A String – Unlocking A Type Barre Chords:

Next, let’s conquer the A string (the 5th string). The same rule applies here – every note has a sharp or flat between them, except for E and F, and B and C. Knowing the notes on the A string is your key to mastering A type barre chords.


To play an A type barre chord, barre your index finger across the strings starting from the A string, and use other fingers to form the A major or A minor shape. The note where your index finger lies on the A string names the chord and is highlighted in red in the diagram below to help remind you.


Adding Some Flavor with 7th Chords

Once you’re comfortable with major and minor barre chords, let’s add some flavor with dominant 7th and major 7th chords.

For E type barre chords, simply lift your pinky to turn it into a dominant 7th chord. For a major 7th, reposition your fingers to play the 4th string on the 1st fret. Voila!

For A type barre chords, leave the 3rd string open for a dominant 7th sound. To make it a major 7th, press down on the 1st fret of the 3rd string.


With these skills, you can play countless songs without even needing a capo! Keep practicing, and soon you’ll be playing barre chords with ease.


Ready to expand your guitar skills? Sign up for music lessons here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more tips and tricks. Explore and enjoy more fun reads at our blog. Keep strumming and smiling! 😊

Best Guitar Warmup for Beginners: Mastering the 4 Finger Exercise

Best Guitar Warmup for Beginners: Mastering the 4 Finger Exercise

Hello, future guitar heroes! Are you ready to get those fingers flying across the fretboard like a pro? Well, buckle up, because today we’re diving into the ultimate guitar warmup for beginners – the 4 Finger Exercise!

Best Guitar Warmup for BeginnersWhy This Warmup Rocks Your Socks Off

Starting your guitar journey with the right exercises is crucial, and the Best Guitar Warmup for Beginners is undoubtedly the 4 Finger Exercise. It’s like a mini gym session for your fingers, ensuring they’re strong, speedy, and ready to rock.

The 4 Finger Exercise: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Starting Position: Plant your index finger on the 5th fret of the high E (1st) string. Pick down. Feel the groove? Good!
  2. Adding More Fingers: Next, bring in your middle finger on the 6th fret. Keep the first finger rooted. Pick up. It’s all about coordination!
  3. Ring and Pinky Time: Add your ring and pinky fingers on the subsequent frets, alternating your picking. This is where the magic happens!
  4. Tempo is Key: Aim for a tempo of 80-100 bpm. Use the metronome embedded below to keep pace.

Moving Across Strings

Once you’ve mastered the high E string, glide over to the B (2nd) string and repeat. Then, it’s a fun game of hopscotch, jumping back and forth between the two.

Conquering All Strings

Feeling confident? Expand your playground to include all strings, all the way to the low E. This is where you become a string-hopping ninja!

Up and Down the Fretboard

Now, for the grand finale, move this exercise up and down the fretboard. Notice how the frets play hide and seek, getting closer and farther? That’s part of the fun!

Why It’s a Forever Warmup

Even when you’re the next big thing in guitar, this exercise remains a trusty warmup. It’s like the best friend who knew you when you were all awkward and gangly.

Wrap-Up: Your Path to Guitar Greatness

So there you have it, guitar enthusiasts! The Best Guitar Warmup for Beginners is your ticket to limber fingers and fabulous playing. Remember, every guitar hero started somewhere, and this 4 Finger Exercise is a fantastic starting line.

YouTube Tutorial: See It in Action! (Embed YouTube Short Here)

Want to see how it’s done? Check out this YouTube short where I demonstrate the 4 Finger Exercise. (Embed YouTube Video)

Your Guitar Journey Awaits!

Every practice session with this warmup brings you one step closer to guitar greatness. Keep strumming, keep smiling, and let the music take you where you’re meant to go.

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Unwrap the Rhythm: Why Music Lessons Are the Ultimate Christmas Gift

Unwrap the Rhythm: Why Music Lessons Are the Ultimate Christmas Gift

Ho-Ho-Hold the Wrapping Paper! Is a Music Christmas Gift the Best Present Ever?

As the jingle bells start jangling and the Christmas lights twinkle, it’s that time of year again when we all scratch our heads, wondering what to gift our loved ones. But fear not! This year, let’s think outside the (gift) box. How about something that sings, strums, and brings a lifetime of joy? Yes, I’m talking about the gift of music lessons!

Music Christmas GiftWhy Music Lessons Make the Best Gifts
  1. Long-Lasting Joy: Unlike a toy that might break or a sweater that may go out of style, music lessons keep giving. Studies show that learning an instrument boosts cognitive skills and emotional well-being. It’s like gifting a brain gym membership with a melody!
  2. For Every Age: Whether it’s your little nephew who’s just starting to tap his feet or your grandma who’s always wanted to play the piano, music lessons are a hit for all ages. And hey, it’s never too late to start – just ask any of our students at Pitch Michael Music Studio!
  3. Customizable and Personal: Music lessons aren’t a one-size-fits-all. They can be tailored to the individual’s interests. Guitar, piano, singing, ukulele, trumpet, trombone, bass, drums – you name it, we teach it!
Recording Studio Time: A Gift That Echoes

But wait, there’s more! For those who already play an instrument or sing, how about some recording studio time? Imagine gifting someone the chance to record their song – it’s like wrapping up a dream and putting a bow on it!

Jingle All the Way to Our Studio

At Pitch Michael Music Studio, we’re all about spreading the Christmas cheer through music. We offer gift certificates for music lessons and recording studio time. It’s the perfect way to nudge your loved one into a musical journey or help an aspiring musician take their talent to the next level.

The Gift That Doesn’t Scream “Ad”

Pitch Michael Music Studio

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “This sounds like an ad!” But hear me out. Gifting experiences, especially those that enrich lives, is what the holiday spirit is all about. It’s not just about what’s under the tree, but the memories and skills that will last a lifetime. The greatest music Christmas gift!

The Pitch Michael Promise

At our studio, we promise a fun, engaging, and professional learning environment. Our experienced instructors are passionate about music and even more passionate about sharing it.

So, why not make this Christmas a musical one? Give the gift of music and watch as your loved ones unwrap their potential. Trust me, it’ll be a chart-topping hit under the Christmas tree this year!


Looking to make this Christmas more musical? Sign up for music lessons at Pitch Michael Music Studio. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more musical fun and tips. And for more blogs that mix learning and laughter, check out our other posts. Let’s make this holiday season sing with joy and rhythm!

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