WhenYour Piano Student Only Wants to Play Rush E (How to Play Rush E)

Oh, the joys of teaching piano! There you are, meticulously plotting out a well-thought-out curriculum for your students, covering everything from Bach to Beethoven. And then, in barges a kid with stars in their eyes, saying, “I wanna play Rush E!” Excuse me, what now?

kid playing Rush E

Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Rush E

Before diving into the how, let’s tackle the why. Rush E is that lightning-fast track that’s taken the internet by storm. And by “storm,” I mean like how a toddler takes over a candy store. Fun fact: Did you know that Sheet Music Boss, a YouTube channel, originally introduced this piece as a joke? Jokes on us, because it blew up! And now, every other youngster wants to conquer it on the piano.

“Slow and Steady” Isn’t Just for Turtles

So, your student wants to master Rush E. What do you do? Panic? Consider a career change? Nope. Embrace the madness! The key to learning Rush E (or any song, really) is to take it slow. Ironic, considering the song’s tempo, right?

Start with small sections. Once those are nailed, piece them together. Before you know it, your student is playing Rush E, and you’re contemplating if you should add “Miracle Worker” to your resume.

Sarcastic sidenote: Oh, and remember, patience is a virtue! Especially when you’re on the 103rd replay of the same section.

Go Easy on Yourself (And Your Fingers!)

If you’re starting to think Rush E is the musical equivalent of climbing Mount Everest, don’t fret. There are easier versions and arrangements out there. Yes, believe it or not, some genius decided to make an already challenging piece even more challenging. But, for the rest of us mere mortals, the simpler arrangements will do just fine, thank you.

In Conclusion: To Rush E or Not To Rush E?

The next time a piano student waltzes in, wanting to play Rush E, embrace the challenge. And when they successfully play it? Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. And maybe, just maybe, consider taking on Flight of the Bumblebee next. Because, why not?

Sheet Music Links

Have fun playing Rush E with one of these arrangements

Easy Version  |   Intermediate Version   |    Advanced Version



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